Does Your Website Copy Need a Few New Year’s Resolutions of Its Own?

If statistics are correct, then you (yes, you dear reader) either didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions or you’re just about ready to wave the white flag. 2010 may not be the year when YOU drop 10 pounds or quit smoking, but it’s not too late to redirect that intense energy you felt on January 2nd to your website content. And you still reap the benefits. Let’s take a look at three of the ten hottest resolutions this year and see how they can make this your website’s best year ever.

1. Get in shape and lose weight. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier to turn your website copy into a lean mean machine than it is your body. But the same principles apply. Take a really good long look at your site content. Eliminate the extra “calories” that do nothing to strengthen it. Cut down on the “fatty” content that dilutes its true message. Continually sustain your web site with new content to keep it fresh and interesting to the search engines. But before you go stuffing words down it in an attempt to fill it up, make sure those words are key word rich, not fluff.

2. Quit smoking. Everyone is feeling the effects of our rocky economy. Buyers are holding onto their cash tighter and longer as they scrutinize the necessity of any purchase. This isn’t the time to hide the quality of your services and/or products behind a smoke screen of hype or empty promises. Be honest with your message because even today, buyers are still willing to do business if you only give them a good reason for doing so with your company. And some things never change regardless of the state of the economy. Burn your customer once and they’ll never come back. Plus they’ll tell countless others not to either.

3. Find more “me” time. Time marches on and it’s easy to put your website on the back burner as you take care of more pressing issues. But before you know it, it’s July and your site copy is still focused on the holidays. There will always be more important things to do, but carving out a block of time periodically for some “site” time is essential. Make it a point to schedule a few hours every month for reviewing your website content. Make sure it keeps in touch with what’s going on with your customers and the market.

Numbers don’t lie. Resolutions are most successful when backed by a strong and knowledgeable support system- people who know what they’re doing and the best ways to help you reach your goals. If writing website copy isn’t something you enjoy, you’re likely not to do it. So when you need a little nudge, seek the help of a professional website copywriter who can point you in the right direction. Or even better, do the work for you!

By Brenda Galloway