What you need to know about hiring a professional copywriter.

FAQs: Hiring a professional copywriter

Yes, copywriting is a creative process. But to be effective, a professional copywriter must have other skills like search engine optimization, marketing know-how, a command of the English language and the ability to motivate. Your copywriter speaks in your company’s voice and writes marketing content that represents your business. Whether you’re hiring a professional copywriter for the first or tenth time, it’s important to know how your project will be handled and what to expect during the process.

About working with Write Essentials

Q: Does Write Essentials have experience writing copy about my product, service or industry?

A:  Most likely. Over the years, I’ve written everything from website and marketing content, academic and research journal articles and grant proposals to brochures, catalogs and company taglines. Industry experience includes:

  • Nonprofits
  • Banking institutions
  • Legal and real estate professionals
  • Web design and advertising agencies
  • Family and corporate travel companies
  • Technology and telecommunication firms
  • Construction companies
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Consumer fraud organizations
  • Digital printing companies
  • Healthcare and medical insurance industry
  • Physician and medical practices
  • Software companies
  • Consumer electronic manufacturers
  • Auto repair
  • Personal chef services
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Scientific research institutions

If your business doesn’t fall under the above, it’s not a problem. Research is a part of any project. Being able to chat at parties about about predatory lending, home projector lenses or global corporate communication solutions makes me a big hit.

Q: For which types of projects do you write copy?

A:  Copywriting projects run the gamut from website and marketing content, academic and research journal articles and grant proposals to brochures, catalogs and company taglines. If it involves writing, Write Essentials can handle it. We also have a close network of website designers, graphic design artists and digital printers when your project requires them.

Q: How do we work together if you are in Kansas City and I am halfway across the country or the world?

A:  We do it all the time. Very few of clients are located anywhere near the Midwest. Ireland, England, New York, California, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona- as Johnny Cash sang, “I’ve been everywhere, man.”  Between email, phone, Skype and FaceTime. Write Essentials works on your project and with your team like we’re in the office next door.

Q: How do you approach a copywriting project?

A:  First, your business, your goals, your audience and message is researched. A first draft is sent to you for review, revisions if necessary and final approval. Finally, off it goes to the web or graphic designer for uploading or print.

You can be as involved as you want in the process. Just write it? No problem. Run everything by you or your team first?  Again, no problem.  Take these 37 napkins notes and turn them into something spectacular.  Ditto, no problem.

Q: Are you a copywriter who proofreads carefully?

A:  As a former English teacher, I think fast food joints should proofread receipts. But some copywriters follow the “I’m a writer, not an proofreader” philosophy. Creativity and being a stickler for grammar, spelling, and punctuation go hand and hand at Write Essentials.  Send the final URL or print proof and we’ll double check to ensure nothing was cut or misplaced during the design process.

Q: What if I am not happy with the web or marketing content you write?

A:  Yikes, the thought gives me heebie jeebies. Revisions are included in every proposal so all you need to do is request edits you’d like made- it’s as easy as that. Large scale revisions are very rare at Write Essentials because we review the concept with you early on. When you know the direction the copy is heading, there aren’t any surprises later.

About your copywriting project

Q: How long will it take to write my website content or marketing copy?

A:  Mammoth website copywriting projects sometimes take weeks, smaller ones a few days.  Press releases- a few hours. It depends on the project and whether it’s a team or solo effort. But whatever due date is set, your new website content or marketing copy will be there on time! We’ve never missed a deadline since we opened in 2000.

Q: How much will it cost to hire a professional copywriter?

A:  Think of a copywriting investment like the perfect pair of designer leather oxfords or pumps.  The shoes you’ll wear for years and worth every penny in quality and style. Hiring a professional copywriter is exactly like that.

Rates are annually reviewed and compared with our competitors. Write Essentials’ quotes fall right in the middle. Without the overhead of large agencies, our pricing is more competitive. With over a decade of professional copywriting experience, we’re not as cheap as off-shore writers or beginning freelancers.

Unless you request an hourly rate, our copywriting quotes are all-inclusive. Your final invoice will never be more than the original quote unless there are changes to the project along the way.  All research, interviews, drafts, revisions, and incidentals are included in the price. And of course, the content is delivered press ready, easy to upload to a web site, or formatted for immediate media distribution. Request a detailed, no-obligation quote for your copywriting project.

Q: How is content copyrighted and how I do protect my copy from being stolen?

A:  Once the final invoice is paid, all rights to the copy are automatically transferred to the client and you are free to use it as you wish.

There is nothing worse than investing in website or marketing content only to find it used on a competitor’s site.  Usually a copyright statement is enough to protect your copy. However, a few clients have filed copyrights with the government for extra protection.  If you discover you’re a victim of content plagiarism, a letter from a lawyer can be a deterrent.  But should you have to go to court, Write Essentials keeps records of when the original content was created. Learn more about copyright laws.

Occasionally, a website link or print samples will be added to the Write Essentials online portfolio unless we have a non-disclosure agreement. Sharing links is good business for us both. If you prefer to keep your copywriting project with me confidential, your request will be strictly honored.

Q: I want a website, brochure, etc., but I want to work with one company. Does Write Essentials do web/print design and SEO work?

A:  Write Essentials specializes in copywriting.  However, we can handle graphic design for “easy” projects. I have an outstanding circle of web designers, digital printers, graphic designers and SEO experts I can bring in to complete a project. Clients still have one point of contact-me.

Q: How do I hire you if I am already working with another web/print design firm?

A:  Write Essentials plays well with other firms and often works on an outsource basis with marketing and ad agencies. We’ve been brought in on projects at the beginning, the middle, and the end.  I’ve come to the rescue for clients whose copywriter failed them at the last minute. Write Essentials will fit in perfectly with your web design or marketing team no matter what stage your project is in.


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