Direct Mail Sales Letters

Know the audience. Personalize the offer. Direct mail sales letter writing that is as far from junk mail as you can get.

Know the audience. Personalize the offer.

Direct mail sales letter writing that gets response rates above the 1-2% industry standard

direct mail sales letter writingDirect mail is still a worthwhile investment if the direct mail sales letter writing is personalized and includes a unique offer. Write Essentials writes targeted direct mail sales letter copy that clearly communicates your product or services. We’ll set your business apart from all the others and often generate a well above average response rate.

Using your budget and goals as a guide, we can develop the right direct mail piece for your audience. Direct mail choices range from simple direct mail sales letters printed on your company letterhead to all-out, four-color digital print with options like:

Version printing allows a common design and layout for your direct mail campaign, but contains unique content or language geared to specific audiences or markets.

Personalized printing integrates your recipient’s name and/or address into the copy, producing a unique document for each recipient. Including a first name, a company, even a hobby catches the eye and gets attention.

Customized printing uses personalized elements and images to make them more relevant to particular groups of people.  Four-color images, charts, text, and other objects for highly customized communications increase readability and response rates.

Adding variable data digital printing to your direct mail sales letters can result in:

•  36% increase in response rates

•  24.5% increase in value of an average order

•  33.9% improved response time

•  47.6% improvement in customer retention and repeat orders

•  31.6% improvement in overall revenue and profit

It is only junk mail if the writing does not offer value

In a digital age, direct mail sales letter writing is an opportunity to personalize your marketing in a way websites can’t. To be effective, direct mail has to include more than a boring pitch about how your company is the best.

Our direct mail sales letter writing is focused on delivering a compelling offer, a value proposition and a reason they should contact you. That makes all the difference between your direct mail piece being tossed in the trash or gaining a new customer.



*From Heidelberg digital print marketing data. These figures are approximate. Other factors like design quality, mailing list relevance and more also impact response rates to direct mail campaigns.